August guest artists

Introducing KWOK's Revolution and Mark Catley Design, our pop-up guests for August. 

KWOK's Revolution

We have The Bow Tie Shop in store, with a seriously great selection of ties - pretty neat for Fathers Day, or special nights out this spring/summer. We also have a range of his fashion garments on the rack in the front window.

Daniel Kwok is a recent Fashion graduate of Otago Polytechnic School of Design and is creatively informed by the collective experiences gained within Eastern and Western cultures. Having spent his formative years in Hong Kong and then being educated in Western countries he has developed a strong kinship with his traditional Chinese cultural roots and is always attempting to showcase some aspect of this culture within his design developments.

To him, the combination of Western silhouettes and street-appeal with a distinctly Asian aesthetic provides a showcasing of how his upbringing and experiences have not only shaped him as a person but more importantly how these types of influences have impacted him as a designer. Beyond the cultural aspect, he is also strongly influenced by current trends within the visual/graphic art environment as well as the design sector at large.

Developed in 2012 by Daniel Kwok, KWOK's Revolution is a dynamic youth-centred clothing line that merges eastern philosophies with more contemporary aesthetics. Looks are created to seamlessly integrate into current modes of style and are semi-tailored with a focus on unusual (yet cohesive) colour and pattern combinations. All products are proudly designed and made in New Zealand with local and imported sources.

Mark Catley Design

Mark is a graphic artist from Christchurch. His work is a mixture of minimal, hand-drawn, black and white sketches; and bright, bold, colourful geometric shapes. It’s original and fun; often complex, yet simple design. This art work can often be purchased as art prints, clothing and homewares.
Mark was recently outed as the mystery street artist in Christchurch. The mystery lasted less than 24 hours.
He also grows orchids, plays records, collects vintage Star Wars figures and bolo ties...

KWOK's Revolution and Mark Catley Design at Guild